Heritage Home Group portfolio of brands offers consumers a wider range of products — by style, color and price — than any of our competitors. We are extremely proud of our strong portfolio of well-known brands in the furniture industry and encourage you to visit all of our brand websites to find the perfect furniture match for you. Visit Heritage Home Group »

Drexel Heritage Furniture

Drexel Heritage offers one of the broadest design assortments of wood and upholstered furniture in the industry. It's not about just building furniture for your home and defining superior craftsmanship and quality, it's about designing your vision. Visit Drexel Heritage Furniture »

Henredon Furniture

Henredon was founded in Morganton, North Carolina in 1945 and has since mushroomed into hundreds of beautiful wood and upholstery designs for every room. In these days of mass production a Henredon item will truly be unique, representing the best America has to offer. Visit Henredon Furniture »

Hickory Chair Furniture

Hickory Chair began almost a hundred years ago with a single product and a simple vision — combine the authenticity of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. In the decades since, our product range has evolved into an assortment of timeless designs, drawn from significant periods and places, and from the talents of some of the world's most respected designers. Visit Hickory Chair Furniture »

Lane Furniture

Founded in 1912 and sold by more than 3,000 retailers, Lane is one of America’s top choices for family furniture including a full line of motion furniture. Visit Lane Furniture »

Lane Venture Furniture

Laneventure offers casual home furnishings that are fun, fashionable and functional. The addition of the WeatherMaster line brought these same attributes to outdoor furnishings making us a leader in the outdoor furniture market. Visit LaneVenture Furniture »

Maitland-Smith Furniture

For 30 years Maitland-Smith has been in the business of creating exquisite and unique decorative accessories, lighting and accent furniture. Our design roots, however, go much deeper. Antiques from 17th and 18th Century England have always played an important role early in our history; inspiring designs that captured the appearance and quality of the originals. Over time, however, we have found that our designs have evolved and today incorporate style, materials and methods found in many other parts of the world. Visit Maitland-Smith Furniture »

Pearson Furniture

Pearson has been known for over fifty years as a producer of fine, custom ordered upholstery furniture. Among our offering is something for virtually everybody. We invite you to browse through the collection and hope you will find that special piece that fills your needs. Visit Pearson Furniture »

Thomasville Furniture

The story of Thomasville began in Thomasville, North Carolina, in 1904. Now more than 100 years later, the Thomasville story is still being written. Part of our story is helping you tell yours – with home furnishings, accessories and cabinetry that allow you to express yourself through your home. Visit Thomasville Furniture »