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Growing, changing, innovating. Those are the qualities that have distinguished Broyhill as America's favorite furniture maker. Rooted in a rich history and grounded in the belief that quality and value never go out of style, Broyhill is a company that continues to lead the industry in today's home furnishings.

Broyhill History

For more than a century, the name Broyhill has been synonymous with fine-quality furniture. The guiding force defining the company and its products always has been a commitment to quality and value. Today, Broyhill is one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Broyhill Furniture began the same familiar way that hundreds of U.S. companies began: through the vision of one person, whose determination born in the hills of North Carolina developed into a thriving international company.

James Edgar “Ed” Broyhill, was born in 1892 on a farm in Wilkes County, N.C., where he did chores, peddled apples. He also worked as a sawmill hand for his older brother, Tom, who started the Lenoir Furniture Corp. in nearby Lenoir, N.C.

At age 21, Ed Broyhill sought an education to help move him from back-breaking work. He attended what is now Appalachian State University. Back then, it was a muddy, small campus in Boone, N.C. He was drafted before he could graduate and served in WW I. Afterward, he couldn’t afford to return to Appalachian, and so he moved to Lenoir to work for his brother.

Ed had learned to type in the Army, and he had a good head for numbers, thanks to his earlier years of working with lumber. His ambition and drive led him to create his own company in 1926, building pieces that his brother didn’t make. The result: The Lenoir Chair Co., which produced its first upholstered chairs in an old blacksmith and buggy shop adjacent to the Lenoir rail depot.

In the 1930s, contemporary pieces were the top lines, but Broyhill also excelled with traditional designs. Despite the Great Depression, the brothers’ plants showed a profit and continued to grow.  In 1937, when his brother reduced his duties with Lenoir Furniture Corp., Ed took on most of the responsibilities of running the two companies, eventually consolidating their names as Broyhill Furniture Industries.

Ed Broyhill’s son, Paul, joined the business full time after serving in the Army in WW II and then graduating from the University of North Carolina. Under his direction, the company built six million square feet of modern manufacturing facilities.

The Broyhills sought inspiration from many areas. Women’s jewelry influenced drawer pulls in the 1940s and 1950s. The needs of post-war housing led them to expand from single dressers to double and triple dressers.

Paul built the Broyhill brand name in the 1950s, becoming president and CEO in the early 1960s. When Broyhill created a division of middle- to high-end furniture in the ’60s, it partnered with a daytime TV game show to give away dozens of bedroom and dining room suites. The company unveiled a sprawling showroom/headquarters in 1966 in Lenoir, N.C. A headline in one newspaper touted: “Furniture Industry Now Has Its Own ‘Parthenon.’”

Broyhill continued to innovate, introducing computers in its plants before most furniture companies did so. Sales doubled on the average of every seven years with Paul Broyhill’s leadership. When the company was sold in 1980 to Interco, Broyhill was the largest privately owned furniture manufacturer in the world. It produced furniture collections now sought online by collectors, like upscale Broyhill Premier, mid-century modern Brasilia, and French country Fontana, as well as the long-running and still produced Attic Heirlooms.

Interco became Furniture Brands International in 1996. Broyhill began showing its impressive collection in 2005 at the new Las Vegas Furniture Market. In 2013, Furniture Brands sold most of its assets to an affiliate of New York-based KPS Capital Partners, which formed a new company, Heritage Home Group.

Today, Heritage Home Group brings a strong commitment to Broyhill Furniture and its sister companies, achieving success through superior craftsmanship, product innovation, and investment in the best people in the industry. From manufacturing to marketing, Broyhill continues its century-old tradition as an industry leader, setting the standard for today and the future.


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