Furniture Shopper Guide

Furniture is no small investment. To help you navigate the many choices before you, here are some details to look for to separate the “clunkers” from the “keepers.” You’ll be happy to know Broyhill® delivers on every detail.



Here are some details to look for when shopping for wood furniture.

Multi-Step Finish

For the best preservation and protection look for a rich, even finish. A multi-step finish maximizes the beauty and durability of the wood surface while enhancing color, depth and clarity.

Long-Lasting Hardware

Ask if the hardware is coated to ensure it retains its luster and beauty.

Secure Backing

Many manufacturers use staples to connect the backs to the main frame. Staples often come loose, weakening the furniture. Backing that will remain intact over time is secured with screws and has corner block

Safety Tested

Furniture taller than 30 inches can tip over. Make sure furniture you are considering has passed industry standard testing to ensure safety against tipping.

No-Snag Drawers

Inspect the inside of each drawer to make sure they are smoothly finished on every side and bottom to ensure contents are safe from snags

Dovetail Drawers

Look for drawers with dovetail construction. Dovetail construction is stronger, more durable and allows for more space inside than other joining method

Smooth Gliding Drawers

Make sure drawers open and close smoothly. There are multiple types of high quality glide systems. Metal side glides with ball bearings and waxed, wood-on-wood glides both ensure smooth gliding over time. Make sure they use internal stops so drawers don’t pull out too far

Sturdy Framing

Check the framing of the case by taking out a drawer. Inspect the inside to make sure it is framed with cut-to-fit wood. Sealing the bottom with a panel adds extra stability.


Here are some details to look for when shopping for upholstered furniture.

Sturdy Frame

For maximum strength and durability, insist on an interlocking wood frame instead of nailed plywood

Comfortable Back Cushions

For long-lasting comfort, make sure cushions have multiple compartments to keep the fiber evenly distributed and securely in place. Tight tailored backs should be constructed with a solid layer of foam topped with fiber

Durable Fabric

Check to see if the fabric meets or exceeds furniture industry standards.

Detailed Fit and Tailoring

Make sure the fabric around the corners of the cushions are smooth

Long Lasting Seat Cushions

Make sure cushions and tight tailored seats are comfortable, supportive and made of a material like soy-based foam. Cushions that incorporate coil technology, like Broyhill’s Dura-Coil™ shown above, are even longer lasting.

No-Sag Springs

Ask if the springs are at least 8.5 gauge steel and if they are connected to solid hardwood rails. If they’re attached to plywood, they might sag, warp or twist

Sustainability Practices

Choose furniture that uses environmentally friendly products like SFI certified lumber, soy-based foam and recycled steel