About Broyhill Quality

Broyhill Casegoods Quality Guide 

Quality is more than important when it comes to buying case furniture, such as dressers, chests, cocktail tables, and nightstands. With just a few turns, lifts and pulls, you can judge the quality of any piece of furniture you find.


Start with the exterior and inspect the finish of the piece. Broyhill uses a multi-step finish to maximize the beauty and durability of the wood surface while enhancing color, depth, and clarity. For the best preservation and protection, look for a rich, even finish.

Construction & Durability 

Next, check the sturdiness of the case. Broyhill frames the inside of each case with cut-to-fit wood. It seals the bottom with a panel. To test, take out a drawer and inspect the inside of the case. Next, turn the piece around and check the back panel. Many manufacturers use staples to connect backs to the main frame. Unfortunately, these staples often come loose over time, weakening the furniture. That’s why Broyhill uses corner blocks and screws to ensure that the backing is stable and secure.


Now, take a close look at the drawers. Broyhill drawers are constructed using English dovetails in the front and back, which are stronger and allow more space inside than other joining methods. This gives you longer-lasting furniture with maximum storage.  Also, take a look at the inside of the drawers. To keep clothes safe from snags, Broyhill smooths and finishes every drawer side, bottom, and back. 

Pull a drawer out to feel out smoothly it opens and closes. Broyhill uses one of two different drawer glides per collection. The first is metal side glides with ball bearings. The second is waxed wood-on-wood glides. Both ensure smooth gliding over time, and both use internal stops to ensure drawers don’t pull out too far.


You also want to be sure the furniture you buy is safe. Furniture taller than 30 inches can tip over. Broyhill chests and dressers have all passed industry standard testing to insure safety against tipping, and we include anchoring kits to insure our furniture remains secure in your home.

Lastly, look at the hardware. To ensure hardware retains its luster and beauty, Broyhill uses a special lacquer coating to protect it over time. 

Broyhill Upholstered Quality Guide

At Broyhill, great design has been our passion for more than 100 years. But it doesn’t mean anything without quality. The question is, how do you judge that quality? Here are some details to look for to help you separate the clunkers from keepers. You’ll be happy to know that Broyhill delivers on every detail.

Wood Frame Construction

A sofa should start with a sturdy foundation.  Broyhill’s wood frame interlocks like puzzle pieces, making it sturdier and more durable than if flat pieces of plywood were nailed together, like some furniture makers.  You’ll note such pieces feel less solid, making them easy to spot.


Next, consider the springs. Each Broyhill sofa is constructed with sinuous wire springs made from high-quality 8.5-gauge tempered steel. These provide even, flexible, and quiet support to maintain deep-seating comfort year after year. An important step in quality construction is the way these springs attach to the frame. Some manufacturers attach their springs to a front plywood rail, but Broyhill sets the springs directly into a solid hardwood double rail that spans both the front and back of the frame. This means the frame won’t warp or twist, and so the springs remain in place.


The next important part of a sofa and other upholstered furniture is its seat cushions. All of our seat cushions contain high resiliency, soy-based foam that bounces back faster and more easily, thus retaining its original shape longer. Broyhill’s Duracoil cushions are used in most of our furniture with loose seat cushions. Duracoil is a system of individually wrapped coils sandwiched between two thick layers of soy-based foam. Duracoil cushions outperform most all-foam loose seat cushions in industry standard testing. 

The back cushions are equally important. While some other manufacturers use a single compartment that can lead to sagging or clumping, Broyhill uses channel ticking to create multiple compartments. Much like it does in a great down comforter, the fiber stays evenly distributed throughout the cushion and, most importantly, in place. This also helps each cushion keep its shape longer.

Fabrics & Leathers 

To make sure you get the right style that lasts, Broyhill offers more than 500 colors and patterns of fashionable fabrics and more than 50 colors of leathers, all meeting or exceeding furniture industry performance standards. Specifically, each fabric must pass a double rough test without any fraying or splitting.

As for fit and tailoring, here are important considerations: Is the seam along the corner of the cushion, called the welt line, straight? It is on a Broyhill piece. Next, are there wrinkles in the fabric on the corners or the edges of the cushion? Broyhill’s cushions will have a smooth, clean line.

Made in the USA 

Dedicated to a legacy of enduring quality, Broyhill maintains craftsmanship that is unsurpassed in the industry. And all of our custom-made furniture is hand-tailored right here in the USA.